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While the basic essence of marketing remains the same, which is to increase a business’ customer base, the methods and channels used in the digital age of today varies drastically from the traditional methods. There has been an explosion of social media channels that attract a lot of users as it helps them connect with anybody globally. Hence, it is imperative that businesses make good use of these mediums in order to reach out to a wide segment of customers.

Creative Scoop is a premium social media marketing agency in Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo, Melbourne and other places in Australia, with a growing list of satisfied clients, thanks to our efforts in successfully managing their social media campaigns. As popular social media platforms turn into marketing giants, they have become a valuable and mostly free resources for businesses to market themselves to a worldwide audience.

We use social media to generate a lot of important data about our clients’ business in real time. Every day there are a staggering number of Tweets, Facebook likes, and photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. Behind such humongous numbers lie a wealth of information about your customers. If you pay close attention to this information, you will be able to glean important nuggets about your customers like who they are, what are their preferences, and most importantly, what do they think about your brand.

We help our clients build a robust social media presence, so that their customers can easily find them and connect with their brand. As the social media consultant for many major businesses in Melbourne, we utilise every opportunity to increase the clients’ visibility on all the relevant social media handles. As your social media presence increases, it makes your brand more familiar and recognisable for the customers.

Research has shown that consumers who follow a particular brand on social media stay loyal to it. As social media provides consumers with a chance to interact directly with the brands, and also gives businesses the golden opportunity to get to know their customers on a personal level. Hence, a strategic social media marketing plan could prove influential in morphing customers into brand loyalists.

With every blog post, image, video, comment, like, and share, we, the social media consultant for important businesses in Ballarat, Geelong, Melbourne and other cities, aim to lead more visitors to our clients’ website, and eventually convert them into lifelong customers.