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Online Marketing Services

Web & App Development


For a business that is planning to go digital, having a website to mark their digital presence is a no-brainer. When you go digital, your consumer reach expands from your local base of Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo or Ballarat or any other city of Australia to a worldwide audience. So, for your global customers, it is your website that determines the credibility and integrity of your business. Hence, your website should do more than just dole out information about your company.

We design websites that are user-friendly and will compel your customers to keep coming back to you. At Creative Scoop, we know the value of a good website design and how it can influence your prospective customers to do business with you. We help our clients design a website that engages their visitors and turns them into lifelong customers.

Designing a website is not just about the look and feel of it. We take into account many other factors to make an efficient, responsive, and user-friendly website for our clients’ business. The modern web user is forever in a rush and is looking for only bite-sized information. Also, today’s customers are browsing for information on not just their computers but on many other mobile devices. So, it is very important that you design a responsive website, which is adaptable to all forms of mobile devices. More and more customers are resorting to using mobile apps, which makes it extremely crucial for you to have an effective app design that will keep the customers’ loyalty glued to your brand.

We guarantee a virtual transformation that will make your brand stick in the minds of your customers.


In this age of technology and widespread Internet use, if your business is not on the first page of the Internet, you will end up losing a large chunk of your customers to your competitors. You may have a brilliant website with stunning aesthetics and engaging content. But it is of no use if it cannot be found. What your business needs is a sound optimization strategy.

More than half of the online sales begin with a search engine query. At Creative Scoop, we help your website get the maximum visibility by making sure your website ranks on top of all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We expose your business to the ever growing Internet community.

We know that the world of search engines is very dynamic and changes at a fast pace. Hence, we stay abreast of all the developments happening in the search engine world. The search engines constantly update their algorithms to weed out the bad websites and give higher ranking to the credible ones. These changes have a great impact on how your website ranks on the major search sites.

We are digital marketing enthusiasts who are committed to making SEO your sustainable business model, which can provide your business with a greater stream of revenue, and put you above your competitors. We ensure your website is visible to the search engine crawlers through our optimization techniques, link-building, and promotion tactics.

With our winning SEO strategies, your business in Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, or any city in Australia is guaranteed to get more targeted traffic and higher number of qualified leads, while you enjoy huge savings on cost per lead.




While marketing forms the core of any business, it has to be done using the right resources and channels if it has to reach the targeted audience. In today’s highly digitised world, traditional marketing has been taken over by the online marketing channels.

Customers today are constantly connected to the web using their mobile devices. There is an explosion of social media platforms and the digital age customers are on many of them. So, if you intend to reach your target audience, and are aiming for a global reach, your business needs to leverage the various social media marketing channels to their advantage.

Social media is one of the greatest transformations of the digital era. It offers a bounty of opportunities to actively promote your brand and build a universal brand equity. Given the plethora of these social media channels, it is a challenge to figure out which channel to expend your resources on in order to achieve optimum results. Creative Scoop is here to help solve your dilemma, and help you get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

We help our clients unleash powerful strategies that enhance their brand recognition through continuous monitoring, analysis, and out-of-the-box creative ideas. We help their brand go viral globally by promoting and marketing their brands on social media channels that their targeted customers use. Not every social media platform may bring optimum results for your business. So, we do an extensive research and analysis to find out which social media sites would be the most suitable to drive traffic to and increase the leads for your business.

For Creative Scoop, our clients’ social media marketing is not just a campaign, rather a strong commitment we make to them. We guarantee you a greater social presence as you relish the high profits driven from these results-oriented campaigns.

Creative Services

Every business’ customers today are digital savvy. Traditional and aggressive marketing strategies no longer fly with these modern consumers. They are looking for brands that can tell a personal story, a brand that can communicate with them on a personal level, rather than overt forms of advertisements. And, what helps brands weave that personal touch into their promotional strategies? Unique, creative, and knowledge driven content.

At Creative Scoop, we bring our expertise of blending facts and data with unique, personal stories to generate interesting and effective content for your brand. Our creative services are not just limited to creating content for our clients’ brands. We offer industry and competitor analysis, content audit, and real time content distribution, thus, revolutionising all aspects of digital marketing services.

In order to give our clients the best in the industry in terms of creative services for their brands, our service places a heavy emphasis on sensitive human emotions led by creativity and driven by results. Customers today are looking to have a personal interaction with humans, and not some lifeless commodity or service. Bearing that in mind, our creative services run the entire gamut of written and video content along with infographics, so that your brand gains superior engagement and enhanced reach, eventually driving higher traffic with more leads and conversions.

As your reliable creative services partner, we will help create a unique identity for your brand through our unique, user-focussed content, creating endless business opportunities across the globe.


Marketing Strategy


Not all the mediums are needed or prove to be effective for every business. Depending on the target market, marketing budget, and client’s business needs, we suggest the most optimum channels suited to each client’s unique needs. Knowing the exact demographic they are targeting helps to come up with the most productive channels in order to create an effective plan for the client. This, in turn, gives them the best return on their investment in the marketing efforts.

It is our aim to utilize all the available channels efficiently to promote our clients’ business in the most competitive manner

With our perfect blend of online and offline marketing strategies, and given our passion and ability to go the extra mile to understand our clients’ business needs we guarantee the most competitive and cost effective marketing plan that is sure to give you a leg up over your competitors.