4 Effective Social Media Tips To Outsmart Your Competition

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Social media has proved its merit in the digital marketing world. A company that considers social media as an alternative and not an opportunity, is losing out on potential target audience. It is proving its relevance each year, which is why you need to have a strong set of social media marketing techniques before entering the business in 2017. The only way your business can soar in 2017 is by prioritising highly efficient and unique social media marketing practices.

Social media marketing is not restricted to large businesses, in fact, it is more helpful for small startups that want to make a strong place among top companies. Collaborating with a social media agency is beneficial for both big and small firms. Social media platforms are great help to any type of company, whether it’s e-learning, insurance, fashion, healthcare, technology or digital marketing. Listed below are some of the top social media marketing tips that you can execute to increase the ROI of your business:

Snap Away!- Stories & GeoFilters

Snapchat is one of the best social media platforms today, and has a huge potential market. There are over 100 million active users businesses can reach by creatively using snap stories and customised geofilters that attract the right audience. It’s a hip new way to attract a mobile-friendly community, since these social media platforms have a lot of followers. Geofilter are creative and a great interactive advertising tool for your business. Snapchat allows you to post photos and videos, so take advantage of the service and win over people’s heart by sharing your company’s culture or success stories.

Carousel Ads Are Captivating

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now allowing their users to advertise multiple products and services through on single feature/advertisement. The competition gets tougher every year, so creating advertisements that stand out is extremely essential. Carousel ads give you the opportunity to create a slideshow of images, whether it’s a product or the company’s events within a single advertisement. One can also make the carousel ads by adding some music, transitions and a little narration, because if you are not unique enough to engage your audience, then you are just a random company amidst million others vying for the customer’s attention.

News That Trend

Most social media agency experts believe that Twitter is one of the best platforms that can help you find the level of engagement for potential topics. Keep in mind the topics that you wish to write about or work on and run it through Twitter, it can be a piece of article or a picture you randomly found. Compare the amount of engagement each topic attains, using the Twitter analytics tool. Select the one that is performing the best and create your own content around that news or subject. Twitter’s trending hashtags can be of great help to you since they give you an idea about what people are thinking, sharing and discussing online.

Specific Target Audience

Did you know that Facebook’s ad manager tool has a feature that helps companies create a specific audience based on a specific criteria? Ad manager can help target potential customers through Life Events. This Facebook feature allows its users to post a new change on their timeline and let their friends and family know about it at the same time. Companies can also target their audience based on recent behaviour, interests, education level, estimated income, relationship status, and other parameters.

These are some of the effective and interesting social media marketing ideas that can do wonders for your business. A great social media presence can create new leads and eventually adds to your ROI. The multitude of social media strategies and platforms can be difficult to tackle, so you simply need to hire experts who understand social media and the ever changing trends. A professional social media agency can help you manage your campaigns effectively.

You can never go wrong when you choose to work with a talented team form the best social media agencies that offer services to Melbourne and other locations. A professional team can provide the best results and strategies that your in-house team might not be able to achieve. The knowledge and skill set of professionals vary from normal skill set, so make the most of their talent by discussing your creative requirements. It’s not about the ability to achieve, it’s about how unique you can get in creating a campaigns that your competitors envy. Social media experts are well-equipped with the market trends and know exactly what works for your niche.

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